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The Facility

What Makes Us Different?

We provide a laid back and easy going atmosphere where CrossFit is taught with fun and safety in mind.  We provide our members with the tools and guidance to reach whatever personal goals they set for themselves in life.


To provide a CrossFit box in Hillsboro, OR that encompasses the CrossFit community with a fun and safe atmosphere for teaching and learning the full body benefits of CrossFit.

Growth of
CrossFit 45 North

Our passion at CrossFit 45 North is to better the community of athletes in all ways possible.  We continue to work hard to bring new and different seminars to the box to help everyone learn about the ways to live life better, whether it be by teaching about nutrition or learning a new technique for functional fitness.  We continue to look for the best and most up to speed techniques to pass on to our athletes through seminars.  We will continue to host our yearly SHOWDOWN which showcases amazing athletes throughout the area as well as our support as a box with the continued success of running a two day CrossFit Competition.