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CPR/AED/First Aid Class – January 20th 10:30-2:30 ~You will be so glad you did!

CrossFit 45 North – CrossFit


Midline (No Measure)

Reverse Tabata L sit hold – work for 13 seconds, rest 17 – 8 rounds

Handstand/ Pullup Work (No Measure)

2 sets

A1. 4 Eccentric Chest to bar or Regular Pullups – 5 count down

A2. 4 Eccentric Strict HSPU (or higher depth)**- 5 count

A3. Max Rep Strict Chest to Bar PU or regular pullups

A4, 7 to 8 Strict HSPU** (or higher depth with abmat or towel) OR work on free standing hs or other hs walk progressions


Scaling for A2: 2 wall walks or handstand holds (work up to 30 seconds)

Scaling for A4: 10 seated on floor dumbbell press

HS Walk progression suggestions:

Kick up and have partner help assist with legs

Shoulder tabs while kicked up against wall


Metcon (Time)

Repeat x 4

Sprint 1 Lap

12 Toes to Bar

rest 1 min

Sprint 1 Lap

12 Ring Pushups

rest 1 min


banded pull aparts -100


20 of each

Post wod Mobility

Doorway stretch


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